Educational Trip

Educational Trip

DAFI Educational Trip is an amusement as well as an educational excursion organized every year by BOSCO for the active batch of DAFI scholars. This is a small outing which serves as a break for the DAFI scholars from their daily routine of life. The purpose of the trip is not just to educate but also to create a fun bonding experience for everyone involved. The venue for this year’s DAFI Educational Trip was selected as Pratapgarh farms, Jhajjar (Haryana) because previous year few DAFI alumni scholars visited the place and shared good feedback with BOSCO.


Before the age of urbanization and modernization, people led a simple life most of which revolved around agricultural activities. To keep that essence alive amongst the new generation, this place has been set up so that the young generation from urban areas who are unaware of the rural culture can get the experience of rural India. Pratapgarh Farms is an ethnic village and eco-tourism farm which presents the true rural settings. It is a mirror of local rural life. With this trip, the DAFI scholars got an opportunity to experience the real rural ambience of India away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. The main objective behind visting this particular place was to make DAFI scholars acquainted with the exquisite culture and tradition of rural India. The DAFI scholars belong to different country of origin who are currently living in an urban setting and were keen to experience the village culture in this one day educational trip. Since DAFI scholars are aware of the 16 Days of Activism, a global campaign (from 25th November till 10th December) which is used to raise awareness about gender-based violence as a human rights issue at the local, national, regional and international levels, an awareness campaign was planned at the Pratapgarh Farms, to spread information about the prevention of sexual and gender based violence at workplace.


On 1st December 2018, DAFI scholars along with BOSCO staff boarded the bus early morning and reached the venue. On reaching, the scholars were welcomed by the staff of Pratapgarh Farms in a traditional Indian way with tilak and flower garlands. Post welcome the scholars proceeded for their breakfast. After their breakfast, the scholars divided themselves in small groups and started with the awareness campaign. Since this year’s theme for 16 Days of Activism is “Ending Gender Based Violence in the World of Work", the scholars approached the staff and visitors at Pratapgarh Farms to inform them about the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act. In the last few days, the sexual harassment at workplace has been a major social issue across the country because of the #MeToo movement.


Sexual harassment is one of the most underreported offences, which is why there is a need to create awareness about its prevention. The scholars were given English and Hindi pamphlets which had all the necessary information about the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act. The scholars were briefed about the act by BOSCO staff in advance, so that the scholars can explain the act to the staffs and other visitors at the venue. DAFI scholars very efficiently created awareness about the issue and motivated everyone to report if they face any kind of violence or injustice to which all the staffs of Pratapgarh farms gave a good response and even the visitors who came there also acknowledged the efforts of our DAFI scholars and appreciated them for taking up the task of creating awareness at a public place.


After the campaign, the scholars engaged themselves in many traditional activities like pottery, matka painting, pagdhi tying , making ghee and butter milk, handloom weaving. They also enjoyed been and dholki dance, puppet show, camel ride and played outdoor ethnic games like tug of war, kite flying and also volleyball. These activities and games gave DAFI scholars a close glimpse of the Indian culture and traditions. The scholars also observed the technique of harnessing solar energy which is an effective way of generating renewable clean power for domestic use. The scholars were amused with the whole experience and shared positive feedbacks with BOSCO staff. In the end, the scholars had traditional Indian delicacies in lunch and took group photos for memories to cherish. All the scholars thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Pratapgarh Farms and looked forward to more of such educational trips in future.