CSR Partnership

BOSCO offers a range of subjects that can interest Corporate Social Responsibility
circles, promising a sense of satisfaction and worthy of investment. BOSCO will vouch
for credibility, transparency, professionalism and delivery.

select areas for partnership
   Sponsorship Projects
   Refugee Assistance Project
  Non Formal Education Project
  Medical Projects
  Educational Projects

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Opportunities for engagement:

  • Projects for the rescue and rehabilitation of street children and child labourers
  • Projects for the skill training programmes for marginalized youth from rural areas and urban slums
  • Projects for the promotion of child rights and publishing fliers and information materials on child rights
  • Projects for Community Development – women empowerment, health, sanitation, solar lights, tribal development, organic farming, etc.
  • Construction of schools, technical training centres, community halls, housing for the poor, etc.
  • Sponsoring school and higher education of children from poor economic backgrounds
  • Sponsoring books and stationery for children in the evening tuition centre