BOSCO Delhi through Community Development Program reaches out to thousands of youth, men and women and children from different communities of Delhi Province (11 states and two union territories). Area wise Delhi province is one of the biggest province in India, Out of the 11 states, seven states are considered as underdeveloped and weaker section of the tribal belt. They have been working with various communities like, Migrant Communities, Jhajjar (working in brick kilns) and Mushroom communities, and different tribal groups like Oraon, Munda, Kharia and Santal from Chotanagpur areas.
The main focus of BOSCO Delhi through its community development program is to reach out to weaker communities to enhance their quality of living through various projects and programs.

Community Development Program provides regular competitions, educational tours and community meetings that helps the young stars to express their inner talents and gifts. Youth are given many opportunities to involve in different sports and physical exercises so that they will have good health and a chance to participate at higher level in the field of sports.
Empowered women lead to an empowered society. With this view in mind BOSCO Delhi has formed many Self Help Groups (SHGs) in every community. They are provided information on various development schemes, trainings on micro level business that contributes to women leadership, vocational trainings like tailoring for women to acquire some skills, etc. Such endeavours are being carried out regularly and successfully implemented by the Salesians in the Delhi Province.