Building resilience in children at risk, enabling them in their vulnerable situations, is the main focus of BOSCO development interventions with children. From our experience, we believe that children can overcome most negative conditions, provided that the child’s vulnerabilities are compensated by a protective environment. Through multipronged and rights based approaches, BOSCO projects have tried to establish an enabling environment for vulnerable children; where they are encouraged to open up and enjoy opportunities for participation, growth and development.

BOSCO implemented Projects for children which addressed both curative and preventive aspects. These projects are being

implemented across different locations in Karnataka and Kerala states of India, where the children’s rights to childhood and education were precluded. These projects not only provided protection and an enabling environment for the vulnerable children but also stimulated the community people, duty bearers and policy makers to take part in child protection and child rights promotion activities. Our strategies include rescue operations, short-stay homes, home reparation, institutional rehabilitation, child protection mechanisms, advocacy, education skill trainings, accompaniment and foster care Education is our key strategy which includes both formal and informal methods focussed on the less privileged children.