Sponsorship Projects

Among the different reach out services, BOSCO Delhi also provides sponsorship services. It reaches out to many tribal children and youth from Chotanagpur areas and children from Young at Risk (YAR) centers of Delhi province. The very idea of this sponsorship is to support the YAR and tribal children in the field of education, especially those who are dropouts from the schools or parents who are not able to bear the expenses of buy the uniform, to pay the school fees, scholastic materials etc. for their children's education due to the financial condition in the family.

The study shows that the drop-out rate in the school is very high among the tribal. It is mainly because of the financial condition of the families. Due to poverty, low income, illiteracy, and tribal culture, etc. they are not able to send their children for education. Unless they get some financial support from somebody it is very difficult for them to continue their child's education.

Here BOSCO Delhi identifies children to support them through different groups and individual donors, especially in their early education.
Currently, BOSCO Delhi is having two donors and several individual donors. BONN and FRATELLI, through these two sponsorship services BOSCO Delhi, reaches out to thousands of youth to enhance their quality of life. Due to this, we are able to support and encourage many bright students to continue their education.
There are also noble-hearted individual sponsors who want to provide a new beginning to these children, which is done by sponsoring children's education and support them to provide educational means. The donors ensure that if the child is performing well, they are ready to support financially for the career of the child as per his/her interest.