Non Formal Education Project

Non Formal Education/Centers is a key focus area and strategy used by BOSCO Delhi. Through this NFE, they motivate the non-school going children to get enrolled in the schools and at the same time they are adequately prepared to join the classes and get educated (serves as Bridge Course). The NFE classes build up the confidence in the children to attend the class regularly and to perform well in schools along with providing regular tuition classes for the children. NFE conducts several health and hygiene programs, awareness program on drug addition, basic education of life and various group activities for the children who are into rag picking at New Delhi Railway station.

BOSCO Delhi has taken new initiatives for the youth from tribal belt in Chotanagpur areas, to empower and enhance their quality of employability providing various life skill programs, computer classes, mobile friendly and improving English classes through NFE. BOSCO NFE is reaching out and trying up to fill up the gap for the areas which are not able to keep pace with the nation’s growth.
Another area that BOSCO Delhi is focusing is on empowering the women of the communities of the Chotanagpur areas; health is the biggest issue among women, where we provide various health camps for women so that they can be aware and are able to deal with some health related issues by themselves.