Medical Projects

India is developing a country achieving various milestones each year but when it comes to the healthcare system, there is still some lacking. Not denying the fact that a considerable amount of progress has been made in the past few decades to improve the availability of health services; it however has not necessarily led to an increase in their utilization. This is so because even today not everyone has an access to quality health care and reliable health information. What is remarkable about India is that there is such a sharp contrast between the haves and the have- nots. Health care facilities in some cities are so good that they rival with that of the developed nations (for example, Mumbai has more MRI scanners than London). However, there are still many states with health care that is regarded as being among the worst in the world. India also has an unusually high rate of illiteracy and poverty in both urban and rural areas, both of which contribute to low rates of health literacy. India is one of the most difficult places in the world to grow in as a child. Almost half of all Indian children under age five are malnourished, and a fifth of world’s deaths in children under age five and over 25% of neonatal deaths (occurring in the first month of life) occur in India alone.

We at Bosco Delhi, strive to deliver our services in the health care system with utmost commitment, sheer honesty coupled with a broader scope and bigger purpose to resolve the issues existing in our country.

We verily believe that if the Health literacy-rate is high, then we can nourish and flourish as a country and achieve what we desire. India is attempting to an emerging superpower and as an impressive global economic power, accessible quality healthcare can be a vital competitive strength for any country and we definitely need to understand that.
With generous contributors, we at BOSCO Delhi have already been running various programs across the country in the Healthcare domain, aiming to help people live a disease-free life. And in all gladness, we promise by continuing to do so, too.
Robin Sharma righty said, “Health is the crown on the well person’s head that only the ill person can see.”
Similarly we at Don Bosco, aim to help as many people possible to don that “Crown of Health” by helping them lead a healthy and happy life.
BOSCO Delhi shares its light across 11 states and 2 Union Territories thus, determining to cover as many and more places as possible. BOSCO Delhi targets its health services to reach out to the unreachable.
Under its umbrella, BOSCO Delhi covers the street children, the slum children, the children working in the Bricklin factories, refugees, migrants, etc.
If we spill the beans a bit, then we have our various Health Support Programmes going on through which BOSCO Delhi is playing its part in providing aid to the ones in need.