“In every Young person, a point of goodness is accessible.” – Don Bosco
Don Bosco is a life saver organization working for youth, especially for street children, marginalized youth, youth who are anonymous, rootless, runaway children from broken families and orphans etc.
The dream of Don Bosco was to save the soul of each young person. The mission of DB YaR is to carry out the same dream for these children to lead a better and meaningful life.
BOSCO Delhi is reaching out to 11 states and two union territories, where the majority of the states are weaker sections from the tribal belt. Poverty, illiteracy, low income, cultural barrier, big families, and underdevelopment are the causes that pushes people to work hard to fulfill their basic need to survive, which falls short to ensure their children's future. Their failure leads them to alcoholism, adultery and crime. That is the reason their children run way from home.

Today Don Bosco organizations are a big network that works for street children, working towards the development of a huge number of YaR Children to provide food, clothes, shelter, education, vocational training, and career.
BOSCO Delhi through the center of Ashalayam in Delhi and Lucknow caters to thousands of youth over the years. It has been a HOME for every YaR child who they came across and a huge representative for these children to find their missing home, inner voice and strengths, thus enabling them to discover their abilities and talents, including various psychological activities where they overcome their traumatic experiences so that they can be a good citizen.