Growing and learning is a regular phase that every person undergoes during their life. The element of training contributes to this aspect and helps oneself to enhance the quality of their life, helps to acquire new skills, increases the contribution towards their success and better prospects, thus contributing to building one's Self Esteem.
BOSCO Delhi while working with the youth recognizes these aspects, and focuses on ‘Training’ the Youth in various fields. The center gives utmost importance to enhancing the quality of life of the poor and marginalized groups. BOSCO provides quality training for the young, to make them capable of facing the challenges in their lives.
Presently, BOSCO Delhi’s efforts are towards inspiring and transforming these young people so that they can lead meaningful and successful lives by building their capabilities for contributing to social change, improve their communities and respond to social issues.

Over the years, BOSCO Delhi has conducted number of training programs among the 11 states in the Delhi Province in various settings like schools, colleges, communities, and different groups such as refugees and street children.
The various types of trainings offered by BOSCO Delhi comprise of Youth Animation Program to Discover, Develop and Deploy the inner abilities and talents of the Youth; Career guidance to find meaning and vocation of their lives; Preparing young to have a healthy adolescence and Sex Education in the context of Love; Provide livelihood promotional training through Life Skills, Soft Skills, Capacity Building, and Vocational Training; Teachers’ Enhancement trainings to prepare a new set of teachers who can be creative, dynamic and empowering in the field of education; Parents Improvement training for working towards being more Loving and Supportive Parents; To involve Youth for a better society through Social Awareness and involvement training; Empowering the youth for proper utilization of Media in the context of Education.